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Trackside Quilting

107 E Main
Laurel, MT 59044

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Staff Bios

Sue Hanson
I started sewing in high school and made most of my clothes, decorated my homes, and even tried my hand at a few wedding dresses including my own. A friend started me quilting in my early 20’s and I haven’t stopped since. I sew because I love it, and quilting gives me the opportunity to let my creative juices flow unhindered.

After 12 plus years in the fabric industry, I took some time-out to figure what I wanted to be when `I grew up’. Everything in me said I wanted to own and operate a quilt shop where people would feel at home and stop by to shop, learn, chat, or just feel the fabric over a cup of Joe.

I enjoy teaching children and adults to sew and gain confidence in themselves by creating something meaningful and beautiful. I also like challenging the more experienced sewers to step out of their comfort zone and gain confidence in their creations. 

“Wish it - Dream it - Do it” is a sign I have hanging in the shop, and that sums up my feelings as I embarked on this adventure.

Susan Colley
I started sewing and designing at a very young age with my parent’s encouragement. "Buy her as much fabric as she wants," my father said. 

As a garment maker, fiber artist and long time art teacher I’ve had an exciting ride doing what I love. Currently I am designing tote bags and selling patterns called Trackside Totes, which grew from a wonderful friendship and common interest with the owner of Trackside Quilting. Future plans include designing Trackside Table Toppers, quilts and wall hangings as well as continuing to sell my one-of-a-kind totes and bags. 

Even though my husband and I are retired we both still work because we want to be actively involved with others.

Lee Farnes
Quilting for me did not begin right away when I was young.  I was too much of a tom boy and sewing was the last thing I was thinking about, never dreaming that later in life it would become almost an obsession.

Through these last few years, I have met many friends while learning new things about quilting.  I have found that you can "create" even if you think you have not talent to speak about.  There are no rules, so I have heard, so just go ahead and do your own thing!

I have gone so far in quilting that I now own a Sweet Sixteen Sit Down Quilting Machine.  Who knew it would lead this far?!

My next adventure is working part time at Trackside Quilting.  I am really looking forward to this new adventure.

Tanith Daugherty
The first sewing related memory I have is my siblings and I sitting outside a sewing store with Dad while Mom looked for a new sewing machine.  That was in 1986.  I was allowed to use that sewing machine to make horse blankets for my Breyer’s, a cassette tape holder from old jeans, a king sized quilt with old jeans, and anything else I thought I needed at the time.

As my college graduation gift, Mom helped me pay for a used sewing machine for me.  In 2001, my friend told me we were going to a quilting class.  I haven’t looked back.